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Hi, I'm Mim (Miriam)

I am a level 3 Pilates Instructor based in South Gloucestershire/Bristol and have been teaching classes in the community for nearly 7 years. I have worked alongside therapists within the NHS when working as a Rehab Assistant and learnt to integrate my skills as an instructor within rehabilitation sessions for patients.

My passion is to help people move freely, without pain or fear, and to work with you to achieve your full movement potential. By joining my classes you will experience the many benefits of Pilates and go on a journey to explore what makes you feel good in your body. There is no expectation to be perfect as every body is different and I can help to adapt movement to suit you. We are all beautifully unique and I encourage you to embrace what works in your own body.

I have added qualifications in -

-Pilates with Small Equipment
-Pilates for Neurological Conditions
-Pilates for Older Adults
-Pilates for Pre and Post Natal Clients


'I have been going to MFR Pilates classes for a few years and they are great. Mim always offers different levels to work at so you can challenge yourself without pushing too far. Mim has a kind and gentle manner and wants everyone to get the best from her classes.'

'Great class with a really lovely instructor always interesting and with clear directions, so easy to follow. My core is now strong and it helps so much with my balance disorder. Mim (Miriam) is supportive and caring and I have learned so much about the art of Pilates from her. Highly recommend Mims classes.'

'I attend Miriam’s chair Pilates at coal pit Heath and find her approach both professional and friendly. No one feels pressurised into working past their own comfort levels and Miriam is helpful and encouraging.
I find this approach works for me and I do not feel embarrassed about not being able to do much yet look forward to attending as the class is a friendly group.

I would recommend her to anyone thinking about taking it up, whatever your will be welcomed.'

'I started attending Mim's classes around 3 years ago, having never given pilates a try before. Mim is very knowledgeable and passionate about pilates and explains things brilliantly. Her classes are always varied and give a full body workout. Highly recommend'

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